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Francesco Galgani (Cariati Marathon, July 23, 2017)I was born in 1982. My email is:

I don't have a presence on Facebook, Whatsapp, or any other social. You can write me in English or Italian.

The photo is from the July 23, 2017, Cariati Marathon.

I'm a blogger and a Software Engineer with a master's degree in Psychology and deep expertise in Linux, web development, and full-stack cross-platform mobile development. I love the open-source philosophy: share knowledge, share skills, improve yourself.

I am also a Baeldung's author for Linux, Computer Science and DevOps.

I'm most interested in the things I haven't discovered yet. I like philosophy, spirituality, art, poetry, exploring topics beyond the official truth.

I usually reply to emails, except those from people who want to use my blog to promote themselves.

Francesco Galgani