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Religion and Science vs Consciousness

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On one side, we have religion and science, which are roughly equivalent, and on the other, we have consciousness.

Religion and science obey the same laws. At the level of organization and power logic, money drives them. At the individual level, they offer an answer to the need to believe in something greater than oneself and more valuable than one's life. Religion and science are like great rivers, each with its own path, characteristics, and various creeks, all of which eventually arrive in the great sea of obedience to something external to oneself. All this, of course, applies only to true believers. Other practitioners merely ferry over these rivers for what suits their separative egos.

Then there is the consciousness, which by its very nature is allergic to any kind of proselytizing – religious, scientific, political, or otherwise. It is refractory to the flames of those who live for the good of others. From the consciousness standpoint, those who do things to help others and to save the world usually do only harm. Deep down, these people ready to immolate themselves for a cause would like others to be driven by the same, equal thinking. The consciousness stays away from proselytizing under all circumstances, even when it agrees with the ideas being advocated. In fact, the consciousness obeys only itself and does not need to justify itself or seek praise. It goes its path, its own path. It does not follow the current of a river, whatever it may be.

(July 31, 2022)