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Codename One Freelancer (Francesco Galgani)

I'm a Full Stack Java Cross-Platform Codename One Developer (iOS, Android, Web-App).

CodenameOne FreelancerYou can download here my resume - See my email here - My page on Fiveer:

My main skills are:

  • Java (referring to Codename One and Spring Boot APIs)
  • Codename One (client side)
  • Spring Boot (server side)
  • GNU/Linux (both locally and remotely on VPS)

My main previous jobs were:

  • Cross-Platform Mobile App developer, specialized in Codename One, from 2017 to 2020, employed by a small startup
  • Web Developer employed by the International Telematic University Uninettuno, from 2011 to 2018, as creator, developer and administrator of the Students Community.


  • discuss the app requirements with you;
  • create an Android app and an iOS app;
  • create a Web-App (Javascript), as extra service;
  • the Basic package includes client-only code, the Standard and Premium package also server-side code (if required);
  • create a custom app from scratch or convert an existing responsive web-site to app;
  • be available in office-hours, weekdays, Italy timezone;
  • allow you to test the app during the development;
  • fix code bugs even after the app is finished (if any bug will be discovered);
  • publish the app backend server on a Ubuntu Server VPS as extra service;
  • send the app to the stores as extra service and with your Google Play account and Apple Developer account; however, after the submission, the stores require time to publish the app that don't depend by me.

I won't:

  • work on unclear, not discussed or too broad requirements;
  • assume any responsibility if the app will be rejected by the stores; however, I'll try to help you in that case;
  • pay your VPS cost, your Google Play account cost, your Apple Developer account cost or any third-party service cost.


Please give me a list of the requirements (as LibreOffice file or Word file). You can attach UI mockups. Each requirement must be as precise as possible. For example: "The tap on the Button xxx will do...", "I want that the app will be available in the languages: ...", "My target device are smartphones only", "I want that the user interface of the first screen is ...", "Native fonts are fine", "I want this img, this text and these buttons", etc.

Programming languages and source codes:

I use mainly Java for the client (the mobile app) and for the backend server.
The client is developed using "Codename One", the server using "Spring Boot".

As extra service, I can give you the source code both of the client and the server, they are Netbeans projects. If you need Android Studio and/or Apple Xcode sources, I can give you also them, but consider that they are the result of the transcompilation of the Codename One project.

More info:

See my page on Fiverr:
We can also agree a custom offer if you need.

Francesco Galgani,
April 12, 2020