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Prevent writing passwords without SSL - Firefox extension

Prevent writing passwords without SSL - Firefox extension (by Francesco Galgani)

This extension prevents user to type a password in a page served without "https" protocol: it disables the input of the password and highlights the password box with red.

I wrote it for people worried about security and privacy. It's compatible with TOR Browser.

The source code is very brief and easy to be read... but I cannot ensure that it works with all websites. For testing purpose, you can temporarily disable the extension adding the GET parameter "disableSSLchecker" to the url, for example:

In this screenshot, you see the same webmail accessed with HTTP (on the left) and with HTTPS (on the right): in the first case, the extension prevents the user writing the password (disabling the password box and highlighting it of red).

Without SSL (HTTPS), your passwords are in danger!

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Francesco Galgani,
July 1, 2014