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You are a beautiful flower

You are a beautiful flower among many beautiful flowers.
Stay true to yourself.
The world has gone mad: our real challenge is to not go mad too.
The world is adrift: another great challenge for us, every day, is to relate to people who are afraid, angry, and not very aware.
The world is violent: another challenge is to preserve our humanity.
The world is sad, depressed, afraid... but... we try to smile and laugh every day.
The world is full of falsehoods and corruption, we are aware of it, but we don't feed them.
Every day we do something beautiful: this is enough to give flavor and meaning to our existence.
Knowing how to smile and rejoice in simple things is the basis of life.

Together (Francesco Galgani's art, March 8, 2022)
(Together, March 8, 2022, go to my art gallery)