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The three great epidemics

There are currently three significant epidemics: low self-esteem, guilt, and submission.
Usually associated with these sufferings of the soul are feelings of loneliness and shame.

Low self-esteem and fear of social judgment are a form of slavery and continuous suffering.
This suffering is a symptom of inner separation: one's internal parts do not dialogue, do not stay together, and one tries to prevail over the other.

Usually, one's masculine part (spirit) tries to subdue one's feminine part (soul). So the soul feels lonely and unloved; she feels "not ok." That's why she continuously pursue external confirmation that she is "ok," thus depending on social judgment. She seeks love externally, that is, in another person's spirit: from this arise infinite pathological forms of love.

This inner drama, this feeling of being "not ok," is because spirit and soul still do not know how to love each other; they are still disunited. External and invisible malicious entities are inserted within this separation, parasitizing the person. Usually, people call "demons" these inner voices that continuously disturb the inner harmony. Still, we can call them by other names as well.

"Not ok" feeling and "persistent guilt" are together: many people think that "all the evil in the world is because of me." Rationally we know that it is not so; unfortunately, however, we believe it.

Under these conditions, the human being feels to be lost. This drama is why we have an infinity of religions, political parties, gurus, leaders, and various characters that ask for our submission. In exchange for that submission, they promise us "salvation." Salvation from everything, of course, except their presence and the wars they cause.

Let our spirit and soul come together. Let our inner parts come together in an unbreakable marriage. So that within us, there is one integrated consciousness. In doing so, we first ask our soul to destroy all the internal entities within us, namely the demons.

At this point, we will have only one consciousness to obey, which is our own. We will no longer have to follow anyone else. Low self-esteem, guilt, and submission will be gone. We will return to what we have always been, a peaceful and beneficial presence in this world.

(March 7, 2022)