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Proof that the sky is green

On television, for over two years, a myriad of intelligent, educated, and famous people have been saying that the sky is green. They have been saying it 24/7.

The head of the government has repeatedly said, with insistence and deep concern, that the sky is green. He has also said that those who do not see it green are doomed to die.

Philosophers and other great thinkers assert that it is a civic and moral duty to shout that the sky is green.

Some psychologists have written books and lectured to explain the severe mental illness of seeing the sky other than green.

Unfortunately, people who persist in seeing not green sky are a severe danger to society, a threat to be destroyed by any means. For the good of all, the government denies these people the right to work, study, move, meet loved ones, and even have sex since these individuals are the cause of all evil.

The cemeteries are full of martyrs and heroes who died because of the green sky. All honors go to them and our solidarity with their families.

The situation is now out of control because of the fools who see a nonexistent, wrong color sky. For this reason, the government has imposed by law that it must be green for everyone.

So the sky is green.

Proof that the sky is green (Francesco Galgani's art, January 12, 2022)
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