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The human being is not an algorithm

Many scientists increasingly compare the human being to an algorithm. According to "simulation theory," reality is just an ultra-high-tech computer simulation where we are born, live, work, laugh, love, and die. More and more people believe that a computer-generated reality potentially has the same characteristics as the reality created by Mother Nature.


Those who have no soul do not understand that this is false. On the other hand, those who have souls immediately realize that all this is a deception.

It is easy to demonstrate what is wrong.


First observation: Human creativity does not obey any rule. The soul's creativity is not deterministic or probabilistic nor subject to any law. It does not follow any computation. On the contrary, the soul is capable of subverting any regulation. It is also capable of performing miracles. Consciousness creates what appears to us as matter, not the opposite. Even if we knew each atom of a human being, we could not predict their behavior because the immaterial soul governs the material body, not the reverse.


Second observation: There is a lack of emotional nourishment in virtual worlds. Physical closeness is necessary to live. We need people physically near us, empathic and with faces uncovered. Otherwise, we get sick and die. A laugh with a friend is worth more than all the virtual worlds. Conversely, people bring out the worst in themselves in virtual worlds, both emotionally and intellectually.


Finally, trying to make us believe that the human being is just a mass of matter or an algorithm has one goal: to control and dominate us. But the soul does not get dominated.


(April 21, 2022)

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