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The Religion of the Last Struggle

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In the Temple of Life, the masters of humanity were gathered together. There were all men and women of great spiritual stature and in direct contact with Universal Wisdom, who have given precious and sacred teachings to the beings most in need of help over the millennia. All other celestial beings know them as the "friends of human beings." Some of them are very well known and have left a significant following. Of others, little is known. Of others still, the memory has been lost. Yet all of them, in the great Assembly called with urgency, know each other. All of them have left a deep and indelible trace in the history of humanity. Some were prophets, others founders of religions, others philosophers, others scientists, and still others ordinary people, even of humble condition, but with an immense Love. In the great Assembly, each spoke their language and wore their time clothes, yet they understood each other.

The Great Assembly had been convened to discuss what to do. In the Temple of Life, angels and demons, each one for their function and knowledge, continuously reported what concerned the most lost beings in the universe: humans. The Prayer Listeners, beings of deep Love who listen to everyone, believers and non-believers, people of faith and atheists, fools and wise, fanatics and balanced, reported the main concerns and needs of human and non-human beings living on Earth. Their wisdom is so deep that they could recognize the same essence in all prayers in front of the Assembly.

There was a mixed atmosphere of tension, anger, concern, disappointment, compassion. The masters of humanity, the friends of human beings, were well aware that their teachings had been twisted and reshaped by a long and sinful tradition. Still, they would never have imagined such a devastating and dramatic situation. They knew well the trend of the times and the spreading infectious germ. The last century seemed to be the beginning of human beings' individual and collective Apocalypse because of their dirty minds and poisoned hearts. A severe and robust clarification addressed to all people of every culture and place on Earth was necessary, this time with a single voice.

A voice asked what they foresaw. The masters of humanity looked at each other. Then the common concern was expressed in verse:

Without air they cannot breathe,
without the Internet cannot
even think anymore.

Everything connected to everything,
in a grand artificial intelligence,
capable of everything,
except for the essential.

It's a tremendous infernal machination.

Technology is their creed and their trust,
bitter fruit of a science without orientation,
that has lost discernment of ethics,
sad slave of a neoliberalism source of perversion:

limitless their disappointment,
when it will happen
the great failure.

On that day, they will realize that they have lost everything,
dignity and freedom will be meaningless words,
the fallacious algorithms will no longer be of help,
but only an obstacle to their livelihood.

Nourished by unreality, incapable of affection,
they will no longer know what is alive,
nor what is an illusion
of the deceitful intellect.

Then a basaltic flow,
to start all over again.

Everyone fell silent. The basaltic flow evoked the individual and collective Apocalypse.

The countless sufferings of human and non-human beings on Earth were all in their hearts. In their own way, each had spoken for the peace and safety of all living beings in the manner most appropriate to their time and place. Yet they had not been understood: people have attributed not spoken words and not happen deeds to them. They were seeing the beings of the Earth drowning in a sea of suffering, without humans being able to distinguish what was more urgent for their good and what was procrastinating, what was necessary and what was superfluous, what was true and what was false.

The more time passed, the more chaos reigned supreme on Earth. The great deceiver and thief of life, the Demon King, had taken possession of the most influential men and women on the planet, including religious leaders and political leaders, as well as sending his army to occupy the mass media, schools, universities, and some of the places of science. He had managed to penetrate deeply into the individual and the collective unconscious. He succeeded in making people believe the great lie that the sum of everyone's selfishness can lead to happiness. He even brainwashed humanity with the great lie that Mother Nature is based on competition (i.e., war) rather than collaboration (i.e., inter-being, inter-dependence, co-evolution).

After listening to the angels, the demons, and the Prayer Listeners, the Universal Wisdom asked the masters present in the Assembly, who were the expression and will of the same Wisdom that addressed them, what human beings considered essential for themselves, what the most lost people deemed fundamental for their living.

In turn, they began to answer, but sometimes the words became agitated, and the speeches overlapped. The answers started to become long and articulate. Until someone dared to pronounce the Great Blasphemy: at that point, a great thunderbolt of anger and resentment frightened everyone, the sky turned from bright to black, and then only silence remained. The Great Blasphemy was the phrase "mors tua vita mea," the foundation of neo-liberalism on which most people on Earth base their lives.

Gradually the light began to return. The Assembly, who had remained silent, understood that they had mentioned the worst problem of their human friends.

Then the Universal Wisdom said: «There is too much unnecessary suffering and too much stupidity that generates it. When you have had the opportunity to express yourselves among other people, you have done so by reporting what I suggested. I have made revelations through my envoys more than once, but few people today are ready to understand because there is too much confusion, too much distraction. The grip of the needs imposed by the Demon King is too firm. There is too little Love for Life. The bewilderment and the lack of meaning of existence are too strong.

People today live in the "learned" inability to Love, learned from their false teachers, false parents, false friends, and false leaders. Human beings are complete, perfect, and divine, but they feel incomplete, wrong, and often turn into hell the most beautiful and marvelous things they have. The most insane, perverted, and seriously ill people exalt transhumanism or post-humanism: they are the most incapable of loving and rejoicing in life. They have infinite gifts, yet they are often ungrateful and blasphemous.

Today's religions fail in their primary objective, exchanging gold for stones, the necessary things for the not needed, and spending rivers of words on trifles and not a single word on the only noble and urgent truth and necessity. Now I would like you to make a unanimous statement, because today's religions and philosophies serve the worst demons when they deviate from their primary goal and their one actual teaching, which is: "Kill the urge to kill, do not create unnecessary suffering, feel part of the Great Life that unites everything and rejoice in it, with gratitude and respect." Any religion or philosophy that fails to say this and does not put it first is a grave offense and blasphemy. Likewise, any religion or philosophy that educates the human being to kill the urge to kill, not to create unnecessary suffering, and to feel part of the Great Life that unites everything, rejoicing in it with gratitude and respect, is a true religion and philosophy. This is the last chance, the last struggle before everything is destroyed.

Now express yourselves, then the Listener of the Assembly who is seeing and hearing all this, participating in the Assembly as in a vivid dream that sleep is not, will transcribe it and report it to others. What you say will be the foundation of a new religion that will bring all religions together by directing them to the essential. And, at the same time, it will be a religion that will deeply respect and accept as valid every other existing religion that is in agreement with what you will say.»

The Universal Wisdom, which in the various times and places known to human beings showed up under different names and forms, had expressed itself. The order was clear.

The friends of human beings, masters of humanity, discussed and quickly agreed on the essentials. They knew how to precisely distinguish what is true from what is false, what is urgent from what is not. Each one continued to speak in their own language and express themselves according to the symbolism of their culture, yet they understood each other because the heart that animated them was the same. The answer was:

«The foundation of the "Religion of the Last Struggle," aimed at the salvation not only of human beings but of the entire Planet Earth and in accord with Mother Nature, is as follows. Many already embrace this creed and live it. The following words are the ones that every human being who is sane in mind and heart or aspires to heal to become sane again will have to engrave in their lives.

Foundation of the Religion of the Last Struggle

We are in a terminal, apocalyptic period because the violence and dullness of human beings have become unsustainable for all living species on the planet. Let's face it peacefully, doing our part in a direction that goes towards the planet's salvation, a living whole of which we are part. For this reason, we choose as our top priority to be vegan and not to establish dominance over other people.

Food is holy because life is holy, but food produced by violence, contempt for life, and massacres is poison for us. After unspeakable torture and genetic manipulation, the food produced by killing the same number of land animals every three days as many people killed by all the criminal wars of human history (619 million) is poison. A so potent poison that it will condemn us to have nothing to eat in the end. Even the seas and oceans are suffering like terminal patients and, in their silence, are crying out for our help because with the current trend of fishing activities, by 2050, they will have no more life to host.

We deny the right, the power, the authority, and the dominion of which the human ego has often arrogated to itself over the weakest, considered inferior, for the sole purpose of endorsing its perverse aims, justifying every environmental devastation and every massacre of people, in other words justifying its own self-destruction.

In addition to being against our health, already compromised by human activities that made much of the planet unlivable, this consumption means collaboration towards our extinction. That's why we reject the consumption of animals and their derivatives as aberrant. We also perceive as abhorrent the continuous misinformation aimed at distracting us as much as possible from the urgent need for inner, family, social, political, and economic changes that strive to respect life and the salvation of humanity. Similarly, we refuse to identify with any form of spirituality, philosophy, and religion that, while preaching the good, does not warmly invite us to sober consumption, veganism, not to make us accomplices of the continuing brutal massacres.

Our world has become an empire of suffering at the hands of psychopathic multinationals who are only interested in profit. Like a lighthouse that shows us the way through the stormy and devastating night of humanity, we consider non-violence, correct information, and not feeling superior to anyone as the only direction to take. We believe that the moral progress of a people goes hand in hand not only with the way people relate to each other but also with the way animals and territory are treated and protected. Aware of our limits and our shadows, we are committed to this. Aware of the unequal struggle against a way of thinking and acting rooted in all levels of society and even in our individual and collective unconscious, we commit ourselves to keep our Love for life strong and act accordingly.

Courage and intellectual and moral gifts will support us. The power of the word that frees us from sadness and daily burdens is our way of life. Love is our faith.

Thank you.»

Thus expressed the Assembly that established the Religion of the Last Struggle following the invitation of Universal Wisdom. This religion has no leaders, no hierarchies, no further teachings beyond this one. Any future deepening will be such only if following the foundation.

A place of worship is any place on Earth. Prayer, atheist or religious, is as the practitioners prefer, as long as it is in accord with the foundation of the Religion of the Last Struggle.

The textual or multimedia material to be studied, at the free choice of the practitioner, is preferably that which can enhance one's understanding of self, Life, and Mother Nature.

Faithful practitioners of this religion are all those who recognize themselves in its foundation and who sincerely consider it a priority. Practitioners are strongly urged not to misjudge non-practitioners, detractors, or those who offend, despise, or deride the Religion of the Last Struggle. The sincere and constant daily application in actions and way of life of the Religion of the Last Struggle will be worth more than any talk and the only way to wipe out the evil demons that attack it. Today's demons are very skilled at persuading with words, adept at making lies seem real, and have allies everywhere, so let's be careful.

All of us practitioners are urged to always keep a spirit of research that sweeps away all the lies the Demon King has indoctrinated us. The spirit of research is the only antidote to both non-knowledge and fanaticism. For any doctrinal or philosophical doubt, each of us is invited to address directly to the Universal Wisdom without intermediation because each of us is part of it, and it will manifest itself to them in the most suitable form. For every scientific and theoretical doubt, each of us can constantly increase their awareness of this holy life practice through serious study, guided by: the spirit of research, compassion, gratitude, willingness to discover new things, courage to set aside old ideas, and dialogue with people from whom we can learn. For any methodological doubts and other difficulties, each of us can turn to a skilled physician who shares the same faith expressed by the Religion of the Last Struggle and who is seriously trained and knowledgeable.

The symbol representing the Religion of the Last Struggle is called "Pucio." It can take many artistic forms at the free choice of practitioners and means "Love and Care for Life." An example of Pucio is the "Loving Hand" of the following picture:

Loving Hand (Pucio, Religion of the Last Struggle)

The Assembly Listener,
March 28, 2019