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Good news and bad news

Rainbow, Massa Marittima, December 1, 2021Bad news almost always comes from the human heart and its actions. In other words, this world is hell because human beings make it so. And, perhaps, each of us chose to be born into this hell to experience it.

Good news almost always comes from nature. When I look at the sun, the sky, the hills, the sea, the rainbows, they are full of good news. Nature itself is positive if we fine-tune our hearts to it.

Good news and bad news all come from our hearts. In this dream that we call life, we have built the entire universe through duality, that is, through the division into two of what was one: everything has its reverse (female and male, good and bad, high and low, day and night, hot and cold, etc.). In the same way, we built our hearts. All opposites cohabit within us.

The key to all suffering is division. Reuniting what we have separated brings peace and prosperity; separating what was united brings war and destruction. This way is also how diseases work.

For every good news, there is a bad one: this is called pessimism.
For every bad news, there is a good one: this is called optimism.

Pessimism and optimism both reside within our hearts. Each of us tends to polarize toward one of the two extremes.

Being aware of this helps us know ourselves and live in peace. The integration of opposites is the starting point for living in harmony.

(December 1, 2021, photo taken on this magical early morning)