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An ignorant (and therefore 90% vaccinated) populace is a brutal wind that incinerates everything

Disobedience (Francesco Galgani's art, January 30, 2022)
(Disobedience, January 30, 2022, go to my art gallery)

The result of "obedience" is summarized as follows: friends who no longer speak to each other, broken families, servants of the State (doctors, nurses, teachers, and police) with children to feed but no salary since they are forced not to work, people who are forbidden to travel, politicians banned from voting, etc.

The last two years of obedience to Big Pharma have left a country deeply divided and psychiatrically ill, with young and very young people ruined by criminal pandemic management.

The rules of the Religion of the Vaccine have been:

  • fear of others
  • pathologization of dissent
  • hatred of critical thinking
  • violence against those who disobey
  • mass filing
  • stigmatization of a minority accused of every evil
  • prohibition of effective treatment (i.e., malicious killing)
  • intentional use of wrong therapies (paracetamol, tracheal intubation, mechanical ventilation, etc.)
  • legitimate and genuine pain transformed into a television show with political intentions
  • disbarment of doctors who have saved many lives
  • awarding of  doctors who offend the code of ethics every day
  • no information and prevention campaign (lifestyle, nutrition, sports, vitamin C, etc.)
  • obligation to use fetishes (masks) and to believe in their magical and protective value (ignoring the severe damage they cause, especially to the very young)
  • economic blackmail and extortion of consent
  • prohibition of sports and healthy social activities
  • inoculation of a poison that has allegedly increased by 40% the deaths of young people

An ignorant (and therefore 90% vaccinated) populace is a brutal wind that incinerates everything.

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(January 30, 2022)