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Happy 2022 and happy European health dictatorship... or have a nice flight from it

Freedom of Conscience

Freedom of Conscience (Francesco Galgani's art, December 15, 2021)
(December 15, 2021, go to the art gallery)

Should the freedom to choose how to take care of one's health be limited by the collective good?

A severe threat to the fundamental principle of diversity comes through uniform and mandatory adherence by all to the same way of preventing disease and treating it. Diversity is an essential richness for life; diversity is the foundation of the ecosystem, so to impose equal decisions for all is a threat to life and the dignity of life.

The inherent diversity expresses itself through personal choices, such as those concerning the care of one's body, soul, spirit, and mind. How to spend one's time and life is first and foremost a personal choice. A society thrives when people are in harmony and mutual empathy: with mutual respect, everyone can become aware of themselves through their actions and mistakes. In contrast, a community is dying when everyone is at war to impose their point of view.

In every area of social organization, coercive power must be exercised with extreme caution so as not to fall into the presumption of totalitarianism. Dictatorships claim to replace individual conscience to simplify complexity by force. The imposition of equal choices for all eliminates the fertility of doubt, which implies the acceptance of errors and opens up infinite possibilities. Individual and collective progress proceeds through encountering the other "different from oneself."

The path to awareness is personal and cannot bend to governments, who often have far less understanding than those they purport to lead. Governments are faithful slaves of finance, and finance follows the interest of a few to the detriment of the community.

The European vaccine agenda, social distancing, masks, and other similar nonsense are not only a complete failure from a scientific and existential point of view. They highlight the arrogance of those who claim to universalize their beliefs, using: blackmail, coercion, continuous criminal lies, violence, apartheid (segregation of the unvaccinated), prohibition of multiple existing treatments as early as spring 2020, disbarment of doctors who have been able to help sick people recover without vaccines, and incitement to hatred. The European vaccination agenda generally highlights a very negative view of the human being, reduced to a laboratory guinea pig, and of science, reduced to a doormat of a few multinational pharmaceutical companies.

On the other hand, replacing one's conscience with a group one is very convenient because it removes responsibility. We have historical examples: Nazis and Fascists, a century ago, replaced their conscience with a group one and the result was a genocide, in the name of the collective good.

Happy 2022 and happy health dictatorship,
or have a nice flight from it,
December 15, 2021